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Sheila Day, L.Ac. began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California. In 1995 she moved to Austin, Texas to study with Paul and Lisa Lin at Texas College of Traditional Chinese medicine. She received her Masters of Oriental Medicine degree in 1999 and after passing the NCCAOM exam (National Board), received a license to practice acupuncture in Texas.

After learning that Tennessee was in the process of establishing an Acupuncture Board and a license for acupuncturists, she decided to move to be near her family, and to make Acupuncture available to an area that other wise would be under served.

The Acupuncture Center emphasizes wellness. Our approach is to educate our clients in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine that deal with balance and harmony in their lives. Experience has shown that best results are achieved from a series of treatments to address whatever imbalance they have and then have them return for regular maintenance visits. Maintenance visits are very individualized. Some every 3 weeks, 1-2 months,or even 4 times a year as the seasons change. Everyone finds the right interval for their own well-being. Traditional Chinese Medicine takes into account that all patients have different needs and even individual patients may require different approaches as treatment progresses.